Posters & Demos

Demo/Poster Papers are interactive contributions (Demos) and early stage research (Posters) aiming to tackle challenges and show progress in the field of Conversational User Interfaces.

Attention! New templates and paper length!


2 page anonymised papers (excluding references) using the current ACM proceedings templates (link to templates – Note: for MS Word please use the Interim layout | for LaTeX please use the sigconf format). Each Demo/Poster Paper will be peer reviewed by 3 expert reviewers. Submissions must be made using the EasyChair website: Accepted Demo/Poster Paper will be archived in the ACM Digital Library and authors be given an oral presentation slot at the conference.

Paper Chairs

  • Dr. Cosmin Munteanu (University of Toronto)
  • Dr. Donald McMillan (Stockholm University)
  • Dr. Janice Tsai (Mozilla)


Important Dates

Demo/Poster Papers submission deadline: March 13th 2020, 23:59 GMT+1 Demo/Poster extended submission deadline: March 27th 2020, 23:59 GMT+1

Notification: May 5th *notifications are delayed due to the incorporation of CUI@CHI and CUI@IUI papers

Camera ready version: May 24th 2020, 23:59 GMT+1


Accepted Posters (to be presented at CUI 2021)

  • Micol Spitale, Franca Garzotto. Towards Empathic Conversational Interaction.
  • Hyeonggeun Yun, Auejin Ham, Jin Kim, Taeyeong Kim, Jeongeun Kim, Haechan Lee, Jongrae Park, Jinkyu Jang. Chatbot with Touch and Graphics: An Interaction of Users for Emotional Expression and Turn-Taking.
  • John Zimmerman. Case for a Voice-Internet: Voice Before Conversation
  • Robert Moore, Eric Liu, ;Saurabh Mishra, Guang-Jie Ren. Design Systems for Conversational UX.
  • Andreea Danielescu. Eschewing Gender Stereotypes in Voice Assistants to Promote Inclusion.
  • Xiao Ma, Ariel Liu. Challenges in Supporting Exploratory Search through Voice Assistants.
  • Claudio Pinhanez. HCI Research Challenges for the Next Generation of Conversational Systems.

  • Alex Williams, IJulia Cambre, Ian Bicking, ;Abraham Wallin, Janice Tsai, Jofish Kaye. Toward Voice-Assisted Browsers: A Preliminary Study with Firefox Voice.
  • Yoonseo Choi, Hyungyu Shin, Toni-Jan Keith Monserrat, Nyoungwoo Lee, Jeongeon Park, Juho Kim. Leveraging the Crowd to Support the Conversation Design Process
  • Sarah Theres Völkel, Penelope Kempf, Heinrich Hussmann. Personalised Chats with Voice Assistants – The User Perspective.
  • Leon Reicherts, Yvonne Rogers. Do Make me Think! How CUIs Can Support Cognitive Processes.
  • Abraham Glasser, Vaishnavi Mande, Matt Huenerfauth. Accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users: Sign Language Conversational User Interfaces.
  • Jaisie Sin, Cosmin Munteanu. Whoever Controls the Media, Controls the VUI.
  • Ernestine Dickhaut, Laura Friederike Thies, Andreas Janson, Alexander Roflnagel, Jan Marco Leimeister. Towards a New Methodology to Capture the Legal Compatibility of Conversational Speech Agents.
  • Jaisie Sin, Cosmin Munteanu. Letís Go There: Combining Voice and Pointing in VR.
  • Jayati Dev, Jean Camp. User Engagement with Chatbots: A Discursive Psychology Approach.
  • Fermin Chavez Sanchez, Lucila Mercado Colin. Apples and Oranges: A framework for the usability evaluation of voice vs graphical user interfaces.
  • Hyunhoon Jung, Hyeji Kim, Jung-Woo Ha. Understanding Differences between Heavy Users and Light Users in Difficulties with Voice User Interfaces.
  • Heloisa Candello, Mairieli Wessel, Claudio Pinhanez, Sara Vidon. Unveiling Practices and Challenges of Machine Teachers of Customer Service Conversational Systems.
  • Sruthi Viswanathan, Fabien Guillot, Antonietta Maria Grasso. What is Natural? Challenges and Opportunities for Conversational Recommender Systems.


Accepted Demos (to be presented at CUI 2021)

  • Claudia Maria Cutrupi, Salvatore Fadda, Giovanni Valcarenghi, Giulia Cosentino, Fabio Catania, Micol Spitale, Franca Garzotto. Smemo: a Multi-modal Interface Promoting Childrenís Creation of Personal Conversational Agents.
  • Pietro Crovari, Fabio Catania, Pietro Pinoli, Philipp Roytburg, Asier Salzar, Franca Garzotto, Stefano Ceri. OK, DNA!: A Conversational Interface to Explore Genomic Data.
  • Linglong Meng, Stefan Schaffer. A Reporting Assistant for Railway Security Staff.
  • James Simpson, Miroslav MacÌk, Franziska Gaiser, Timna Breflgott. Daisy: A Friendly Conversational Agent for Older Adults.
  • Mira El Kamali, Leonardo Angelini, Maurizio Caon, Nick Dulack, Paul Chamberlain, Claire Craig, Giuseppe Andreoni, Omar Abou Khaled, Elena Mugellini. NESTORE: Mobile Chatbot and Tangible Vocal Assistant to Support Older Adultsí Wellbeing.
  • Martin Porcheron, Joel E. Fischer, Michel Valstar. NotReal: A tool for voice-based Wizard of Oz studies.
  • Andreas Liesenfeld. NameSpec asks: Whatís your name in Chinese? A voice bot to specify Chinese personal names through dialog.
  • Alexandre Arnold, Gérard Dupont, Catherine Kobus, Francois Lancelot, Ying-Hsang Liu. Perceived Usefulness of Conversational Agents Predicts Search Performance in Aerospace Domain.